Cookie Statement

Yource uses cookies when you visit one of our websites. You can read here why we use cookies, what cookies we use exactly and how you can accept or delete cookies.

What are cookies?
A cookie is a small (temporary) text file that is placed on your computer, tablet or smartphone during your visit to the website. This text file stores information that will be recognized when you next visit the website. This makes it easier to use our website and you do not have to enter or download the same information every time you visit. We also use cookies for marketing purposes. This allows us to measure how visitors use the website and where there are opportunities for optimization.

Accepting or deleting cookies
To make optimal use of the website, you can accept cookies. You can accept the cookies by clicking the accept button in the cookie notification. The cookie message will be visible during your first visit to the website. You can choose not to store cookies on your computer by accepting only the necessary cookies. You can also delete cookies that have already been placed. Do you want to delete cookies? You have to remove the cookies yourself. To do this, go to your internet browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari).

  • Delete cookies in Chrome:
    Click on the icon with 3 lines at the top right. Click on 'Settings' > 'History' > 'Clear browsing data'. In any case, make sure that 'Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data' is checked. You can also specify how old the Cookies should be. Choose 'All' here.
  • Delete cookies in Firefox:
    Click on the icon with 3 lines in the top right corner. Go to 'Options' > 'Privacy'. Click on 'Clear your recent history'. Under 'Details' you can indicate what exactly you want to delete. Always check 'Cookies'. You can also specify how old the cookies should be. Choose 'All' here.
  • Delete cookies in Safari:
    Click on 'Safari' > 'Preferences' at the top left of the menu bar. At the top of the window, choose the 'Privacy' tab. Then click 'Delete All Website Data'."
  • Delete Cookies in Internet Explorer:
    Click on the cog icon in the upper right corner. Go to the 'Security' > 'Delete browsing history' menu. Now you can specify what exactly you want to delete. At least tick 'Cookies and website data'. Click 'Delete' at the bottom of the window.

Which cookies do we use?
We use functional cookies to make our website more user-friendly.

  • Functional Cookies
    unctional cookies are cookies that are needed for the website to function properly. These cookies do not require your permission. For example, these cookies ensure that the jobs you have viewed are stored, that you can log in with your own login details, your browser settings are stored, so that you can view the website optimally on your screen. Without the functional cookies, these functionalities cannot work. We also use these cookies to ensure that you do not need to provide the same information every time you visit the website
  • Analytical cookies
    We use analytical cookies to analyze how visitors use our website. This information gives us insight into how often the website is visited, which device is used per visit, how the website is found, which pages are visited, in what order the pages are visited and what functionalities are used by the visitors. We use this information to optimize the website and make it more user friendly.
  • Advertising cookies
    We use advertising cookies on our website and on websites of third parties. For this we work together with our advertising partners. We only place these cookies if you give us permission to do so. We use this information to serve relevant ads on other websites you visit. These cookies help us understand what jobs are being viewed, how often the jobs have been viewed, whether you click on the ad and whether you subsequently apply for a job on our website. By combining these characteristics, we can determine your interests and tailor the advertisements we show you on our website and on third-party websites accordingly. These advertising cookies allow us to offer you the most relevant information.