Maistering enables new talent equation for Yource

AI-powered digital recruitment using Master Collections for faster and more accurate matching.


Rotterdam, The Netherlands – 25th of November 2022
Maistering, a global provider of an AI-infused business orchestration platform, today announced its key engagement with Yource.

Yource is a global Business Process Outsourcer that combines empowerment, meaning and reliable processes with data and knowledge to provide personal and enterprising customer contact for its clients.

With this partnership, Maistering, through its enterprise SaaS platform, Master Collections, will digitize the recruitment lifecycle process for Yource – from automated gathering of client requirements, advanced search engines for refined candidate searches based on experience, skills & location, to AI-powered parsing and matching of resumes against required skills and other candidates.  Master Collections will not only bring in automation at every step but will also provide digital instruments for collaboration – ensuring proper scheduling, quick reporting & feedback, and a positive candidate experience.

Group CEO Robin Jansen said, “Our vision as a company is that you can only make a difference during human customer contact. For this we put employees (who are Members of our Crew) at the heart of our clients’ organizations.  Our pilot program with Maistering using the digital recruitment service will augment our expertise in providing the perfect Crew for each of our client projects. And thereby improve our own Member experience”.

Master Collections, by Maistering helps leaders orchestrate any transformational and tactical business journey, using AI and the newest collaborative techniques to add purpose, richness, and impact.  Digital recruitment, a so-called hotspot in the Master Collections services, improves quality of hire and reduces time to hire.

“Hiring fast & right and with a fine candidate experience, should be the focus of recruitment orchestration.  We are happy to partner with Yource, which has deep experience in this domain, to digitize the way they hire talent even further, as Members are the core of their business”, said Maistering CEO, John Brahim.

About Maistering B.V
Maistering nurtures the innocence and energy of a millennial scale-up with the deep, proven experience of business insights veterans.  Our values are Essence, Beauty and Impact.  Our culture is global. Our purpose is to augment business leaders (we call them Masters) with rich AI, bundled in our platform.

Maistering is headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with R&D offices in Bangalore, India, and Valencia, Spain.

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About Yource
Yource was created in 2018 from a merger of various companies, each with its own specialization in customer contact. Thanks to our unique combination of services, we can provide customized customer contact in the field of in- & outsourcing, near- & offshoring and temporary staffing. Our expertise in recruitment ensures that we select the perfect employees for our Partners. We train and develop them in the Yource Campus

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